Convenient Shooting Functions

The OM-5 is packed with convenient functions for various shooting styles.

A large, easy-to-see viewfinder that allows you to concentrate on shooting

The approximately 2.36 million dot OLED viewfinder is used on this model to deliver vivid colors and a high contrast display. An EVF optical system with minimal peripheral distortion is employed. A long eye point enables easy viewing, even when wearing glasses.

22 Scene Modes

Six themes are available for a total of 22 Scene Modes. Easily select options while checking sample image finishes.

Art Filters for expanding your expression

Use Art Filter and enjoy capturing impressive photos.

Anti-flicker shooting/Flicker scan

Able to suppress the effects of flickering while using both the mechanical shutter and the electronic shutter.

  • Anti-flicker shooting: This feature automatically detects the flicker frequency of light sources and controls the shutter timing to suppress exposure and color variation between frames. This function is effective when using the mechanical shutter.
  • Flicker scan: This feature allows you to check the striped patterns caused by flickering light sources on the monitor, letting you set a shutter speed where such patterns are not noticeable. This function is effective when using the electronic shutter.

Custom Mode for saving shooting settings

Simply turn the shooting mode dial to access frequently used settings for shooting. You can register any shooting settings and modes to Custom Mode. Up to four custom settings can be registered (C, C2, C3, C4), which can then be accessed via the menu or Fn button. You can also retain/reset changed settings in Custom Mode according to each mode.

My Menu

Up to 35 items can be registered to My Menu as frequently accessed functions, arranged with seven items in five tabs. Simply pressing the movie button while frequently used registrable menu items are selected registers the items to or removes them from My Menu.

Web camera

Supports USB video/audio device class for use as a web camera simply by connecting the camera to a computer via USB. This feature is convenient for remote work away from home.

This feature can be used without installing OM Webcam Beta.

Smartphone App

This smartphone app is used to connect to the camera via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, transfer shooting data, and perform remote operation.

Voice controls are now available for Wireless Release.

  • Shoot still images, start/stop video recording
  • You can switch shooting modes (still images/videos) using voice controls.

Embedding location information in recorded images

Using your smartphone and a Bluetooth connection, you can acquire location information from your smartphone* and embed it in recorded images. Bluetooth minimizes power consumption on the camera.

  • Location information can only be acquired when connected to your smartphone. OI.Share must be installed to use this feature.