A continuously evolving, high-speed, high-precision AF system

This model is powered by the latest digital technologies, making it possible to capture split-second moments of any type of subject. Never miss a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

121-point all cross-type On-chip Phase Detection AF

An On-chip Phase Detection AF compatible 20M Live MOS sensor is used for the image sensor and TruePic IX capable of high-speed AF calculation is used for the image processor, making high-speed, high-precision AF possible.

Face and Eye Detect AF

Detects even small faces for high-precision tracking. Face selection is possible via buttons and touch operations.

  • Detection precision is improved for small faces and eyes.
  • The camera maintains stable focus even in scenes where detection is difficult, such as photographing a person in profile.
  • Detected faces can be selected via buttons or touch operations. Detection can be turned on/off with the single touch of a button.

Starry Sky AF

AF feature defies conventional wisdom when it comes to focusing on celestial objects with MF. Accuracy Priority is now included, which is good enough even for professional astrophotographers. The algorithm is capable of accurately focusing on stars in the dark of space, delivering high-precision AF.

■ 2 Starry Sky AF modes

Speed Priority (Default)

This mode prioritizes AF speed for completing AF operations in a short period of time. OM-5 image stabilization and Starry Sky AF make even handheld astrophotography easy on wide-angle lenses and standard zoom lenses.

Accuracy Priority

This authentic astrophotography mode is designed for use with a tripod. It performs a more fine-tuned focus scan for ultra high-precision focusing on stars. This is effective for focusing on a specific celestial object with a telephoto lens.

  • Select Starry Sky AF as the AF mode to activate Starry Sky AF by pressing the AEL/AFL button using initial settings.

Touch Shutter/AF Targeting Pad

Smooth AF shooting is possible from both the viewfinder and monitor.

  • Touch pad for moving the distance measurement frame
  • Touch Shutter/Touch AF

AF Target

Select from six AF Target options to match subject movement and size.

  • Single: For shooting still or small subjects. Example: Landscapes, when shooting with tripod
  • Group 5-point: When 9-point is too wide for moving subjects. Example: People playing soccer, rugby
  • Group 9-point: For shooting moving subjects. Example: Airplanes, people playing sports
  • Group 25-point: For shooting moving subjects. When 121-point is too wide. Example: Birds and other small animals
  • 121-point: For quick shots and when subjects move around the entire screen
  • Small: For finer pinpoint focusing, etc.

Custom AF Target

You can select the optimal AF area for your subject.

You can choose the Target mode to match horizontal or vertical movement, or subject shape or movement for even greater AF precision.
  • Select any odd number of points from 11 vertical and 11 horizontal.
  • Select from three levels of vertical and horizontal AF area movement steps.

Center Priority/Center Start Distance Measurement Frame in C-AF

This algorithm (C-AF Center Priority) and setting (C-AF Center Start) enhances subject tracking performance.

  • C-AF Center Priority: In this setting, the camera maintains AF priority on the center of the selected area when group target is selected. If AF is not possible at the center, AF Target is used at the periphery of the selected area.
  • C-AF Center Start: Initial AF is performed in the center of the selected area when group target is selected. AF is then performed inside the selected area afterward.

C-AF tracking sensitivity

Select from five tracking sensitivity levels to match subject movement or changes in speed.

AF limiter

This model is equipped with AF limiter, which allows you to focus on a specific subject when the AF operating range is set. You can set up to three AF operation areas which are effective on any lens. It is also possible to instantly turn the function on and off via customized controls.

  • Compatible with Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds standard AF lenses.
  • Lens settings take priority on Micro Four Thirds lenses with a focus limiter.
  • Distance setting values are rough estimates.

Switch between horizontal and vertical AF Target options and AF Targets

You can set AF Target options and AF area positions in both horizontal and vertical shooting positions.

Individual AF settings in horizontal and vertical shooting positions: You can set AF Target options and AF area positions in both horizontal and vertical shooting positions.

Moving Subject Tracking Cluster Display

Focus on subject movement and snap the photo while checking the C-AF tracking status. The AF Target frame for the area in focus continues to be displayed in green. This makes it possible to check in real time which area on a moving subject is in focus.

  • Only when All Target is set.
  • When AF Target display is set to On2.

MF assistance

MF assistance makes accurate manual focusing possible.

Magnify: Automatically magnifies the display of in-focus sections.
Peaking display: Emphasizes and displays focus peaks (outlines).
Focus indicator display: Turn the focus ring while set to MF to display a focus movement direction and position guide for focusing assistance.