Video functions that enable handheld 4K video and vertical shooting

The compact, lightweight system and high-performance image stabilization enable easy handheld video recording.

Shoot beautiful handheld 4K video

The OM-5 is equipped with powerful image stabilization for shooting video. Stable 4K video with minimal shaking can be recorded even during handheld shooting. When recording video, it is possible to combine the high-performance 5-axis Image Stabilization with dedicated video electronic stabilization. This feature makes authentic handheld video recording possible. Also, the information from On-chip Phase Detection AF sensor is utilized for video focusing. Enjoy easy video recording with smoother focusing.

Recording time limit removed Eliminating the recording time limit makes it possible to shoot longer videos.

Red frame display while recording video A red frame is displayed to show that a video is being recorded.

Vertical video

This model saves video files vertically when holding the camera vertically to shoot. Easily shoot vertical videos frequently found on social media without using any editing software. Videos are played in the vertical orientation when viewed on a smartphone, etc.

OM-Log offers greater freedom over imaging expressions

OM-Log is supported for capturing highlights and shadows without overexposing or underexposing shots. It also allows you to enjoy a greater degree of freedom over color grading in post-production. Live View can also be displayed on a monitor when converted to BT.709.

  • Natural
  • OM-Log400 + Grading

High-res audio recording with LS-P5 Linear PCM Recorder

You can adjust the microphone directivity and zoom in on audio sources. Lend a greater amount of freedom to video production with high-quality audio overflowing with realism.
It can be used as an external microphone when attached to the hot shoe. High-res audio can be backed up to the recorder. This model also offers powerful support for shooting videos with high-quality audio using Slate Tone, which is convenient for editing audio data, and Test Tone, which makes it easy to adjust the camera body audio recording levels.