The perfect moment

The spectacular view spread out in front of me simply takes my breath away.
A sea of clouds hides the ground, and beyond it, the shining horizon signals the beginning of a new day.
This beautiful morning glow only exists for an instant.
Yes, this is the perfect moment to take a photograph.
It took a long time to get to this point. And here, I understand something.
This was no coincidence.
There are moments like this, scenes like this which can only be grasped by those who dare take up the challenge to capture them.
The OM SYSTEM OM-1 was designed to respond to such passion.
Photographers constantly explore for new worlds of photography.
My partner on this endless quest is my camera- with it in hand, I challenge on ahead.
This OM-1 is contains of all the elements that make true creativity possible.
As I move forward, I want to see what kind of world will open up before me.
With the OM-1, I can go on pushing ahead, as far as I desire.

High image quality that goes beyond expectations of the sensor size

Computational photography that expands expression

High-speed performance for precisely capturing split-second moments

Absolute reliability

Video functions for demanding creators

Basic Information

Product name OM SYSTEM OM-1
Box contents Body, USB cable (CB-USB13), CC-1 Cable clip, CP-2 Cable protector, Shoulder strap, Instruction manual, Warranty card, BLX-1 Li-ion battery, F-7AC AC adapter, FL-LM3 Flash