Convenient features

The OM SYSTEM OM-1 is packed with convenient functions for various shooting styles.

Updated menu configuration

The menu configuration has been updated to make setting items easy to find, easy to set without making mistakes, and easy to confirm. The conventional menu configuration has been revised, separating some items, combining others, and reworking classifications. Item notation has been improved to be more general and specific. Additionally, reasons are displayed when grayed-out items cannot be selected.
The new menu configuration is not only easier to understand for existing OM-D users, but also for first-time users.

In-camera rating feature for easily selecting images

One of the best things about digital cameras is being able to instantly view images after they are recorded. On the OM-1, images can now be rated in five categories (ranking). Rate images immediately after shooting or during free time while on the move. Image ratings are imported to OM Workplace.

Night view mode

The function known as Live View Boost on the OM-D series has been improved. Users can now check the subject in on the EVF or rear monitor even in dark condition. Functions can be assigned to operational buttons for quick switching. Useful for shooting starry sky. Default setting is enough for normal night scene shooting.

Starry Sky AF assists with focusing on stars

Enjoy authentic astrophotography with this function. Traditionally, it has been very difficult to focus on stars with either AF or MF. Starry Sky AF, however, uses a special AF algorithm to deliver high-precision AF good enough for professional astrophotographers that is capable of focusing on even small stars shining in the dark of space.

Record shooting location information with minimal power drain

Location information* is acquired from a smartphone then embedded in recorded images using a Bluetooth connection with the smartphone. The Bluetooth connection helps minimize power drain on the camera.

  • Note that location information can only be acquired when connected to a smartphone. OI. Share must be installed.

Independent AEL button and AF-ON button

In addition to the AEL button, an AF-ON button has been added. This button resumes AF operation on when keeping the first position of the shutter button. Because settings can be customized for both buttons, configurations can be tailored to the shooting method or subject.

Other convenient functions

Interval Shooting Interval Shooting is possible up to 9,999 images for a given interval. This is convenient for observing how a subject changes from moment to moment and for creating 4K Time Lapse Movie videos. After completing Interval Shooting, a Time Lapse Movie can be created directly on the OM-1. Exposure equalization processing can also be applied to cope with sudden changes in exposure between frames.
Silent Shooting Silent mode disables shutter sounds and electronic sounds for silent shooting.
It is great for concerts, stage performances, and other events where sounds are inappropriate.
Anti-flicker Shooting Cyclical flickering of artificial lighting can result in uneven exposure and colors between frames during sequential shooting. When Anti-flicker Shooting is turned on, it detects the flicker frequency of light sources and controls the shutter timing to suppress exposure and color variation between frames.
Flicker Scan LED lighting repeatedly flickers at high speeds. Depending on the shutter speed when using Silent mode (electronic shutter), flickering may occur on the screen along with uneven exposure, manifesting as stripes in the frame. With Flicker Scan, it is possible to set the appropriate shutter speed that minimizes the effects of flickering while watching the results on the monitor. This not only works for still image shooting, but is also convenient for recording videos using the electronic shutter.
USB RAW Processing The high-speed processing capabilities of the new TruePic X engine are utilized to deliver high-speed RAW processing.
In-body Fisheye Compensation This feature makes it possible to remove the fisheye effect of the M.Zuiko Digital ED 8mm F1.8 Fisheye PRO making it possible to use as a wide-angle lens. The correction effect of this compensation can be seen in Live View on the camera monitor or viewfinder.
Keystone compensation This feature delivers the same effect as shooting with a shift lens. The effects can be seen on the Live View screen while applying trapezoidal compensation and perspective enhancement simultaneously to the horizontal and vertical directions of the image.
  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Screen captures in the monitor are composite images.