Absolute reliability

Moments that make great photos exist in every situation. The more difficult the environment, the more dramatic the scene, including windy, dusty, snowy, and rainy situations. In such scenes, you need to be confident that the camera will continue shooting. The OM SYSTEM OM-1 delivers absolute reliability in the worst conditions.
Never worry about equipment problems.

A new EVF designed for greater realism

The viewfinder is important in determining composition, checking the focus, and determining the perfect moment to start shooting to capture a fleeting scene. The EVF has been dramatically improved. This high-performance EVF is equipped with 5,760,000 dot resolution, a viewfinder magnification of 0.83x (35mm eqivalent), a display delay of just 0.005 seconds , and 120 fps high-speed display performance. Not only does it feature the best aspects of an optical viewfinder, but it also offers the advantages of a digital viewfinder, making it possible to view subjects even in dark locations and check the exposure. Additionally, the OM-1 is equipped with anti-fogging coating on the viewfinder, making it possible to continue shooting with a clear image, even in the rain. Photographers can focus on the subject and on capturing just the right moment.

Practical IP53 compatibility and a dustproof and splashproof design

Our dustproof and splashproof design is trusted by photographers from around the world, so we made it even better. The OM-1 features IP53* dustproof and waterproof performance. The tough, lightweight magnesium alloy body features sealing in all the right places, giving it reliability that goes further than ever with dustproof and splashproof performance, for reliability in more practical use situations. It is also freezeproof to -10°C for continued operation even at low temperatures. This construction makes the camera usable in the most punishing environments.

  • Sealing parts layout
  • Magnesium alloy body
  • IPX3 test
  • IP5X test
  • When a lens with dustproof and drip-proof performance is attached, accorded to lens performance, excluding when power is supplied via a USB cable or HDMI cable is connected.

Reliable dust reduction system

Ever since the world first introduction on the OLYMPUS E-1, our dust reduction system has been lauded for its performance by photographers around the world. This feature is of course included on the OM-1. It solves issues that are not the fault of photographers, such as dust and dirt ending up in shots when changing the lens, by removing them from the sensor.

Highly durable shutter unit

The shutter unit is the part of the digital camera that undergoes the most use. The OM-1 is equipped with a highly durable shutter unit that clears 400,000 operation tests.

  • According to our testing conditions

New BLX-1 battery capable of recording 520 shots

The OM-1 uses the BLX-1 High-capacity Lithium Ion Battery, which is capable of recording 520 shots*. Continue shooting without worrying about the battery level. Attaching the optional HLD-10 Power Battery Holder (BLX-1 can also be added to the HLD-10) makes it possible to shoot even longer.
The body and power battery holder can both be charged simultaneously, the camera can continue operating while charging, and the camera can be powered and charged by a PD standard-compatible power bank, offering more versatility in charging and power supply.

  • Based on CIPA testing standards

Dual card slots for sorting recorded images and continuous shooting

Staggered layout dual SD card slots are included on this model to make it easier to remove recording media. Both slots support the UHS-II interface for high-speed image recording. All camera settings can be changed and images can be viewed even while data is being written to memory.

Standard: Records to specified card
Auto Switching: Continues recording on the other card when the specified card is full
Dual Independent: Records to both cards at specified image quality settings
Dual Same: Records to both cards in the same image quality mode

  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Screen captures in the monitor are composite images.