High-speed performance for accurately capturing split-second moments

An essential part of photography is the ability to capture fleeting moments.
The OM SYSTEM OM-1 is powered by the latest digital technologies, making it possible to capture split-second moments of any type of subject.
Never miss a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

1,053-point, all cross-type 100% coverage with new AF

The new Stacked BSI Live MOS sensor uses a Cross Quad Pixel AF mode. A quad division photo diode configuration enables acquisition of On-chip Phase Detection information in both vertical and horizontal directions. This design has made it possible to focus on various patterns of subjects across all pixels and the entire shooting range. AF is available for the subject no matter where it is in the frame. On-chip Phase Detection is available across every pixel, dramatically improving detection precision. In addition, the high-speed calculation capabilities of the new TruePic X engine and the new AF algorithm make it possible to accurately track and continue focusing on the subject. High-precision focusing is possible even in darker scenes and on low-contrast subjects, delivering an AF low light limit of -8 EV*. In line with multi-point AF Target and, in addition to the full frame, Single (1 x 1), Small Area (3 x 3), Medium Area (9 x 7), Large Area (15 x 11), Cross Area (9, 7), and custom settings, the AF area can be set to match subject size and movement. The AF Target position can be quickly moved using the multi selector. These controls mean you'll never lose a subject.

Quad Pixel

  • Single: For finer pinpoint focusing, etc.
  • Small: For shooting still or small subjects.
    Example: Landscapes, when shooting with tripod
  • Cross: When Middle is too wide for moving subjects.
    Example: People playing soccer, rugby
  • Middle: For moving subjects.
    Example: Airplanes, sports
  • Large: For moving subjects. When ALL is too wide.
    Example: Birds and other small animals
  • All: For quick shots and when subjects move around the entire screen.
  •      Custom: Four settings are available depending on the subject size and movement. Select any odd number of points from 27 vertical and 39 horizontal. Users can also fine tune the settings for target transition steps.
  • When using S-AF, ISO 100, and an F1.2 lens.

Further advanced Intelligent Subject Detection: AI Detection AF

AI Detection AF was developed using deep learning technology. Neural network circuits in the new TruePic X engine perform calculations at higher speeds to recognize subjects with greater precision. In addition to racing cars, motorcycles, airplanes, helicopters, trains, steam locomotives, and birds available on the E-M1X , animals (dogs and cats) have been added to detectable subjects. Not only has the detection rate been improved thanks to AI detection, the high-speed calculation of the new TruePic X engine can detect subject movement in real time and continue tracking subjects moving within the frame without losing them.
The OM-1 is also supports this feature both on S-AF and C-AF. These features make it possible to continue tracking and focusing on driver helmets, birds' and animals' eyes, a feat that is not possible via human operation alone. It can also detect and focus on subjects that are difficult to find, such as a bird in a group of trees.

Advanced Face Detection AF

The detection accuracy, tracking, and response of Face Priority/Eye Priority AF have been vastly improved thanks to the high-speed processing abilities of the new TruePic X engine. This performance is also available in video shooting, allowing users to accurately focus in a variety of scenes.
M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 17mm F1.2 PRO, F16, 1/200sec, ISO200, Flash

Pro Capture 120 fps sequential shooting for capturing the ultimate split-second moments

Pro Capture begins recording once the shutter button is pressed halfway (1st release) and records previous frames beginning with the moment when the shutter button is pressed fully (2nd release), ensuring users never miss moments caused by time lag from human reaction and camera operation. Up to 120 fps (AF/AE lock) high-speed sequential shooting makes it possible to capture split-second moments of fast-moving subjects and to extract them from slow-motion videos. Up to 70 frames can be captured from previously recorded frames. Up to 50 fps shooting is possible in AF/AE tracking.
50fps AF/AE tracking
120fps AF/AE lock
M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 150-400mm F4.5 TC1.25x IS PRO, F4.5, 1/6000sec, ISO3200

AF/AE tracking 50 fps high-speed sequential shooting

The new Stacked BSI Live MOS sensor and new TruePic X engine deliver blistering sequential shooting* performance. This model is capable of 50 fps high-speed sequential shooting during AF/AE tracking and 120 fps in AF/AE lock. This capability makes it possible to capture extremely fast-moving subjects. Sequential SH supports blackout free display, eliminating viewfinder image loss for continued, accurate tracking of fast-moving subjects. Not only does this make it easy to continue tracking the subject across the screen in the desired location, but it also means users won't miss momentary changes in facial expressions when shooting something like a portrait.

Setting of sequential shooting fps Shutter type AF/AE tracking Blackout free
Sequential shooting 1-10fps Mechanical shutter Yes No
Silent sequential shooting 5-20fps
5fps steps
Electronic shutter Yes No
SH1 60, 100,120fps Electronic shutter No Yes
SH2 25, 50fps Electronic shutter Yes Yes
  • See the separately provided sheet for information on supported lenses: described in specification sheet
  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Screen captures in the monitor are composite images.