High-performance telemacro lens capable of ultra high-magnification shooting

A high-performance telemacro lens has arrived in the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL PRO lens lineup. This macro lens delivers ultra high-magnification shooting capabilities at 4x equivalent* while enabling AF from infinity to macro. In addition to a lightweight 453 gram design, the 5-axis sync IS equivalent to 7 shutter speed steps of image stabilization reduces photographer fatigue while pursing subjects in the field thanks to a minimal equipment load. Combined with the superb splashproof and dustproof performance unique to the OM SYSTEM, this is the perfect high-performance lens for all outdoor subjects from landscapes to macro shooting.

  • According to CIPA standards. When attached to OM-1, with yaw and pitch applied to camera, half-press IS set to Off.

High-resolution macro lens that delivers 4x quivalent* shooting, and 8x equivalent* shooting when paired with a teleconverter

Capable of up to 2x (35mm equivalent: 4x, fieldd size: 8.7 x 6.5 mm) high-magnification macro shooting. Up to 4x (35mm equivalent: 8x, when used with MC-20) ultra high-magnification macro shooting can also be achieved when a teleconverter is attached. The 8x equivalent means that a field size of 4.3 x 3.3 mm can be captured full frame.
This high-performance macro lens enables amazing resolution of tiny subjects thanks to the Micro Four Thirds standard.

  • 35mm equivalent

High-speed, high-precision AF including ultra high-magnification macro capabilities

AF is available across the entire range, from infinity to close-ups. This high-performance macro lens overturns high-magnification macro lens conventional wisdom that manual focus is required for ultra high-magnification shooting.
It makes focusing easy even for macro shooting where the depth of field is shallow, allowing photographers to focus on the subject movement and composition when shooting.

High-performance 5-axis image stabilization with 7 steps of shutter speed compensation* for angular shake and enhanced shift compensation

5-axis sync IS delivers 7 shutter speed steps of angular shake compensation, and shift compensation has been enhanced for greater convenience in macro shooting. This design makes hand-held shooting possible even during 1x shooting, which is particularly susceptible to shift effects.
OM SYSTEM's unique mobility thanks to compact equipment for shooting in any situation is effective even for macro shooting.

  • According to CIPA standards. When attached to OM-1, with yaw and pitch applied to camera, half-press IS set to Off.

IP53 splashproof and dustproof performance, and reliable weather-resistant performance with fluorine coating

For macro photographers seeking various subjects in the fields, mountains, and waterside areas, rain and wind are a given. This product features reliable weather-resistant performance that allows photographers to focus on shooting their desired subjects without worrying about their equipment in punishing natural environments.

Basic Information

Product name M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 90mm F3.5 Macro IS PRO
/180mm (35mm equivalent)
Box contents LH-66E Lens Hood, LC-62G Lens Cap, LR2 Lens Rear Cap, CS-53 Wrapping Cloth, Instruction Manual and Warranty Card
Optional Accessories STF-8 Macro Flash, LH-66E Lens Hood, LC-62G Lens Cap,LR2 Lens Rear Cap, LSC-0914 Lens Case, PRF-D62 PRO Protection Filter