High-resolution macro lens that delivers 4x quivalent [1] shooting, and 8x equivalent [1] shooting when paired with a teleconverter

Capable of up to 2x (35mm equivalent: 4x, fieldd size: 8.7 x 6.5 mm) high-magnification macro shooting.
Up to 4x (35mm equivalent: 8x, when used with MC-20) ultra high-magnification macro shooting can also be achieved when a teleconverter is attached. The 8x equivalent means that a field size of 4.3 x 3.3 mm can be captured full frame.
This high-performance macro lens enables amazing resolution of tiny subjects thanks to the Micro Four Thirds standard.

A luxurious lens configuration delivers superior resolution

Each lens optimally placed including two Super ED lenses, four ED lenses and one Super HR and HR lens each.
In addition to reducing chromatic aberrations that are noticeable in macro shooting and reproducing the main subject in high image quality, the lens minimizes color bleeding even in defocused areas for beautiful defocusing effects.
High Res Shot is also supported for high- resolution photos.

Handheld High Res Shot

  • Image magnification approx. 2x (35mm equiv.)
  • Image magnification approx. 4x (35mm equiv.)
  • Image magnification approx. 4x (35mm equiv.)

ZERO Coating

ZERO (Zuiko Extra-low Reflection Optical) Coating is applied to the lens surface to thoroughly eliminates ghosts and flares that used to be difficult to reduce because of their high transparency.
Optimized placement of coating improves resistance to backlighting. As a result ZERO Coating enhances image quality even in challenging conditions such as a backlit scenes.

Working distance (Comparison with 60mm Macro)

Using Macro Flash STF-8
Even when using the lens with the same image magnification, the working distance is different for M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 90mm F3.5 Macro IS PRO and M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 60mm F2.8 Macro lenses, as shown in the figure above. With the 90mm lens, you can shoot at the same magnification factor as the 60mm lens even at the distance far away from the subject.
This is useful for subjects that move away when you get closer, and for shooting with lighting.

Working distance Closest focusing distance Shooting magnification (35mm-equivalent in parentheses)
90mm 9.3cm 25cm 2x
60mm 8.2cm 19cm 2x

High-speed AF is available even at 4x equivalent[1] and above.

Needless to say, AF is available from infinity to 1x (equivalent) shooting, and even in 2x and 4x equivalent (lens only) ultra high-magnification macro shooting. AF is also available at maximum 8x equivalent macro shooting with the 2x Teleconverter MC-20 attached.
The desired subject can be focused on not only when shooting still images, but also when recording videos.

  • Image magnification approx. 3x (35mm equiv.)
  • Image magnification approx. 5x (35mm equiv.)

It is very useful for an ecological observation of insects to shoot them using High speed movie.

High speed movie 240fps、30fps playback

Floating-type inner focusing system

This model uses a floating system. Based on the AF data, the two focusing lens groups are driven independently while the relative positions are adjusted.
This delivers high-speed AF and high image quality with minimal aberrations.

Focus stacking / Focus braketing

Manual focusing was common on conventional high-magnification macro lenses. As such, for Focus Stacking of high-magnification images it was necessary to fine tune the focus direction with the camera on a micromotion stage while capturing multiple images, which were then processed in compositing software.
AF is available on this lens even in ultra high-magnification areas, so, using Focus Stacking available on OM SYSTEM cameras makes it easy to capture photos that are in focus across the entire subject, even for ultra high-magnification macro shooting.
Focusing Bracketing, which is also available on the camera, can also be used. This feature automatically captures multiple shots while shifting the focal position for hassle-free and time-saving shooting. Images can easily be merged in OM Workspace.

  • The focus lens operating area during Focus Stacking and Focus Bracketing is determined by the Focus Limit switch setting.
Image magnification approx. 2x (35mm equiv.)

High-performance 5-axis image stabilization with 7 steps of shutter speed compensation[2] for angular shake and enhanced shift compensation

5-axis sync IS delivers 7 shutter speed steps of angular shake compensation[2], and shift compensation has been enhanced for greater convenience in macro shooting. This design makes hand-held shooting possible even during 1x shooting, which is particularly susceptible to shift effects.
OM SYSTEM's unique mobility thanks to compact equipment for shooting in any situation is effective even for macro shooting.

In-lens image stabilization mechanism

The image stabilization mechanism on the lens and in the camera body work together to achieve 5-axis sync IS, which delivers an equivalent of 7 steps of shutter speed compensation[2].
Shift shake compensation performance has been enhanced for more effective macro shooting, and an acceleration sensor that detects shaking is included on the lens for precision camera shake detection.
This design embodies the value that OM SYSTEM is aiming for, namely compact, lightweight, minimal equipment capable of shooting various situations.

  • IS ON
  • IS OFF
    Image magnification approx. 2x (35mm equiv.),F5.0, 1/60, ISO 400

IP53 splashproof and dustproof performance, and reliable weather-resistant performance with fluorine coating

For macro photographers seeking various subjects in the fields, mountains, and waterside areas, rain and wind are a given. This product features reliable weather-resistant performance that allows photographers to focus on shooting their desired subjects without worrying about their equipment in punishing natural environments.

Splashproof and dustproof, IP53 compatibility

The same IP53 splashproof and dustproof performance as the OM-1, a flagship OM SYSTEM model, is available on this product. It truly shines during macro shooting in punishing natural environments.

Fluorine Coating

Smooth, scratch- and dirt-resistant fluorine coating is used on the front most lens.
Even if the front most lens gets dirty from rain, snow, or dust, it can be quickly cleaned with a blower or cloth.

  • No Fluorine Coating
  • With Fluorine Coating

Confident shooting

Optimal controls for macro shooting

① Focus limit switch : The Focus Limit switch sets the range of focusing distance to enable faster focusing.The setting range also applies during manual focusing.
② IS switch : IS operation can be turned on or off. Off is recommended when using a tripod.
③ Various functions can be assigned using camera body settings.
④ Focus ring : Focusing operations are possible during manual focusing.

Focus limit switch

The Focus Limit switch sets the range of focusing distance to enable faster focusing.

・S-MACRO : Ultra high-magnification shooting is possible from a closest focusing distance of 0.224 m (4x equivalent) to 0.5 m (0.5x equivalent).
・0.25 – 0.5m : Shooting is possible from 2x to 0.5x equivalent.
・0.25m - ∞ : This can be used across a wide range situations from 2x equivalent to non-macro shooting.
  • Focus Limit switch settings are applied during manual focusing as well.
  • Manual Focus Clutch mechanism

    Using the Manual Focus Clutch mechanism makes it possible to quickly switch from AF to manual focus.
    At the Manual Focus Clutch mechanism operation position, shooting magnification is displayed based on the focus ring position.

    • The focus operating area is determined by the Focus Limit switch setting during manual focusing as well.
    • For macro shooting, please turn on S-AF+MF when adjusting the focus position with manual focus for fine focusing.

    Telephoto lens for use in nature fields

    This telephoto lens can capture subjects at infinity despite being capable of ultra high-magnification shooting.
    Zooming in on and puling back from subjects enables diverse compositions in the nature shooting field. This is the optimal lens for macro, nature, and landscape photography.

    • F3.5, 1/2000, ISO 400
    • F3.5, 1/400, ISO 400
    • F3.5, 1/200, ISO 200

    A macro lens that can also be used for educational and research applications

    Not only can this lens be used for nature photography, but it is also perfect for educational and research applications that make use of its high-magnification shooting capabilities.
    In addition to 4x equivalent[1] shooting with the lens on its own, it can be paired with the Digital Tele-converter feature on OM SYSTEM cameras to achieve 8x equivalent[1] photography.
    Along with capturing photos for record-keeping purposes, the HDMI output makes it possible to connect to a large-screen monitor for observing objects, which is perfect for classroom education.

    • Digital Tele-converter at 2x Magnification on the monitor approx. 13x
    • Used on a microscope stand with a sleeve made with a 3D printer
    • 1: 35mm equivalent
    • 2: According to CIPA standards. When attached to OM-1, with yaw and pitch applied to camera, half-press IS set to Off.
    • 3: The shortest shooting distance when the focus limit switch "S-MACRO" is used.
    • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.