From landscapes to portraits. High image quality throughout the entire zoom range

This lens covers focal lengths from 24mm to medium-telephoto 100mm, and can be used for everything from landscapes to portraits. The use of an inner zooming system means that there is no variation in overall lens length during zooming, ensuring that stability can be maintained during hand-held shooting. The lens is constructed of 10 elements in 9 groups. They are multi-coated and rationally placed to ensure high image quality throughout the entire zoom range.

  • Lens construction diagram,MTF chart

New MSC (Movie and Still Compatible) with electronic zoom mechanism

Comes equipped with electronic zoom mechanism that enables smooth, quiet, stable zooming at a constant rate. This is especially convenient for movie shooting. The zooming speed can be switched in three steps according to the rotation angle of the zoom ring. Manual zooming is also available, allowing users to take full control.

  • Electronic zooming
  • Manual zooming

New mechanism that keeps the electronic zoom silent and provides a direct control feel to the manual zoom

Electronic/manual zooming can be toggled by switching the drive gear train. By mechanically linking zoom ring rotation with lens movement, it is possible to manually zoom in and out with a direct operating feel. The amount you turn the zoom ring directly correspond to the amount of change in focal length. It lets you set the target focal length quickly and make minute adjustment easily.

  • We recommend that you use the electronic zoom while shooting a movie.

Comes equipped with the new MSC mechanism featuring a newly-developed linear motor drive that enables fast, quiet autofocusing.

The MSC mechanism, which has been known for its fast and quiet autofocusing, has evolved even further. The newly-developed linear motor dive enables faster, quieter focusing. Driving the coil linearly with a direct electromagnetic force, the new lens can drive autofocusing with swift start-up and faster operation.

  • 1. Magnetic yoke 2. Coil 3. Magnet 4. Focus lens 5. Lens frame
  • Focusing unit driven by a linear motor

Macro mode boasts the maximum image magnification of 0.36x (35mm equivalent maximum image magnification: 0.72x)

Macro shooting can be easily enjoyed with the macro mode that can be set by pushing the zoom ring forward while pressing the macro button. In this mode, focusing is possible between 50 and 20 cm for close-up shooting with a maximum image magnification of 0.36x (35mm equivalent maximum image magnification: 0.72x).

Dust and splash proof mechanism

Red line indicates a special sealing that prevents dusts and water splashes from entering into the lens.

This model features dustproof and splash proof performance equivalent to the Olympus' flagship model E-5. This special sealing protects the lens from dust and splashes.