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High-performance 5x standard zoom lens equipped with the fast Supersonic Wave Drive (SWD) AF system.

This high performance standard zoom lens comes equipped with the Supersonic Wave Drive(SWD) AF system and covers 24mm to 120mm (35mm equivalents). The lens consists of a number of special glass elements to counteract various aberrations. This lens is optimised for digital imaging and provides high quality sharp images to the edges. This lens also boasts impressive close-up shooting capability allowing users to shoot from as close as 25cm throughout the zoom range. Designed to be the world's fastest AF system, this extraordinary autofocus drive provides both fast and high precision while operating with extremely low noise.

Basic Information

Product Name Zuiko Digital ED 12-60mm F2.8-4.0 SWD
Grade HG (High Grade)
Box Contents Lens Cap (LC-72B), Rear Lens Cap (LR-1), Lens Hood (LH-75B), Lens Case (LSC-0918), Instruction Manual, Warranty Card