Excellent Basic Functions

The E-PL10 features excellent basic functions, such as video shooting and sequential shooting performance. Scene Mode is convenient when you want to simply select a subject for optimal settings.

Record beautiful handheld 4K 30p video

Powerful in-body image stabilisation makes it possible to record beautiful 4K 30p video even when shooting handheld.

How to set 4K video

Maximum 8.6 fps high-speed sequential shooting so you never miss a photo opportunity

The model is equipped with an 8.6 fps high-speed sequential shooting function. This makes it possible to capture split-second expressions on fast-moving subjects.

  • The focus, exposure, and white balance are locked to the first frame during sequential shooting when using [Sequential H] and [Silent Sequential H].

How to set high-speed sequential shooting

Simply select a Scene Mode that matches the type of scene you want to shoot

Scene Mode features six themes including People, Night Scene, and Scenery. Choose one and simply touch the icon that most closely matches the type of scene you want to capture images using the perfect settings.

How to use Scene Mode

AUTO mode lets the camera choose camera settings for beautiful photos

In AUTO mode, the camera chooses detailed camera settings, ensuring beautiful photos by simply releasing the shutter.

  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Images on the monitor are composite images.