Intuitive, Easy Controls

Touch AF Shutter and the flip-down monitor make controls comfortable and easy enough for anyone to use. Connecting to your smartphone and importing images are also easy.

Shoot simply by touching the screen with Touch AF Shutter

Simply touch the subject you want to capture for easy control over focusing and shutter activation. Touch AF shutter is easy to use even when orientation and angle of the monitor is changed for shooting from a low angle.

Flip-down monitor for easier selfies

The flip-down monitor makes it possible to use the Touch Shutter for selfies without getting your hand in the shot. This feature gives you greater freedom over compositions.

1. Playback / 2. Touch Shutter / 3. Video
Flip the monitor down to automatically switch to Self Portrait mode.

The OI.Share smartphone app is now easier to use

The Olympus Image Share (OI.Share) smartphone app has been improved for smoother image import and connection settings. See details on OI.Share

Import images to your smartphone using the app

Automatically import recorded images from your camera to your smartphone using OI.Share. You can instantly transfer and share after shooting.

1. Transferring images. Shooting with the remote control etc.
2. Turning on the camera body using Bluetooth communication.

Connection settings are now easier to understand

Connecting the camera to your smartphone is now easier to understand than ever before.

Camera How To offers shooting techniques with tutorial videos

Camera How To on OI.Share shows how to operate the camera and shooting techniques with tutorial videos that are easy to understand.

Digital Guide Book that is easy to search for and find solutions

The Digital Guide Book in OI.Share has many sample images, making it easier to find what you're looking for. (English and Japanese versions only)

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