Expandable and Full-featured

Expandability and an array of other functions such as the ability to wirelessly transfer the pictures you have taken to a smartphone support your photographic endeavors.

OI.Share Smartphone App for Remote Control and Transferring Photos

Pair with the OI.Share smartphone app to quickly transfer photos you have taken to your smartphone. OI.Share offers two types of remote control shooting options. You can use Live View Remote Control, which lets you shoot while viewing images on a smartphone, and Remote Shutter, which allows you to operate the shutter via smartphone.

  • Live View Remote Control
  • Remote Shutter

Always-on Connection and Auto Transfer Via Bluetooth

This model supports an always-on connection via Bluetooth so you can view and import images using your smartphone even when the camera is in your bag. Turn the new Auto Share Order setting on to automatically transfer images to your smartphone even when the camera is turned off.

  • JPEG files only. Up to 200 files can be added to Share Order.
1. Transfer photos, Live View remote shooting, etc.
2. Turn the camera on with background communication and Remote Shutter shooting

Tilting LCD Monitor for Versatile Shooting Angles

This model is equipped with a tilting monitor that can be rotated 180° downward and approximately 80° upward for high and low angle shooting. Additionally, the camera is equipped with a function that switches the camera automatically to Self Portrait Mode when the monitor is flipped down. Self Portrait Mode allows you to shoot video and still images easily with touch operation.

Advanced Photo (AP) Mode Makes Difficult Shooting Methods Easy

Use Advanced Photo mode to easily capture photos full of originality.

  • Live Composite:Capture light trails of stars in the sky or car lights. This feature lets you check the process of light trails as they are recorded.
  • Live Time:Shoot faint light sources in dark locations. Light trails can also be captured. You can confirm your image as it is being recorded.
  • Multi. Exposure:Overlapping two shots creates a dreamlike atmosphere in photos.
  • HDR shooting:Capture photos with minimal overexposure, such as when blue skies appear white, and underexposure, such as when shadows appear pitch black.
  • Silent [♥]:Turns off the shutter sound, autofocus sound (electronic sounds), AF assist illuminator, flash and light from the camera. This mode is useful for situations where sound is inappropriate.
  • Panorama:Record long horizontal or vertical photos by moving the camera horizontally or vertically.
  • Keystone Compensation:Effects can be confirmed while making buildings look straight in photos.
  • AE Bracketing:Captures multiple photos of differing brightnesses so you can select your favorite.
  • Focus Bracketing:When focusing is difficult, this mode gradually shifts the focal position and captures multiple shots. After shooting, you can check the photo you’re your preferred focal position.

Scene (SCN) Mode Optimises Settings for Easy Shooting

Choose a theme that matches your desired shooting scene from the six themes shown on the screen and then choose the photo that most closely matches the scene you want to shoot next to automatically optimise settings in Scene Mode. This mode also supports swing panorama shots which can be captured simply by pressing the shutter button and moving the camera horizontally (or vertically) to create panorama shots in the camera.

Silent Mode for use in scenarios where operation sounds are distracting

Silent Mode provides peace of mind in scenarios where the camera operation sounds are distracting. When set to Silent Mode, the camera switches to the electronic shutter, which produces no shutter sound. Also it can be set to mute the focusing sound (electronic sounds) and disable the autofocus illuminator. Silent Mode is available in P/A/S/M/ART modes.

High-definition Hand- held 4K Video Recording

The powerful 5-axis image stabilisation enables hand-held high-definition 4K video recording. It is also possible to extract and save still images from 4K videos.

USB Charging

This model supports USB battery charging. Use power banks, etc., to keep your battery charged when not in use and while on the go.

In-camera RAW Editing with Two Available Presets

Sophisticated editing of RAW files is possible on the camera, without ever needing a computer. Fine-tune the image quality, Picture Mode, white balance, exposure compensation, and tone compensation to output a JPEG file at your preferred brightness and colouring. Two settings can be stored in memory to allow your favourite adjustments to be applied easily.

Built-in Flash

This model features a built-in flash with a 5.4 (ISO100/m) guide number, preventing subjects from appearing dark when shooting people in night scenes or backlit situations.

Radiowave Wireless Flash Compatible

This model is compatible with high-end wireless flash systems using radio control. Use the separately sold FC-WR Wireless Radiowave Commander or the commander function of the FL-700WR Electronic Flash for accurate wireless flash shooting while controlling the light intensity on the camera.

Olympus Workspace Image Editing Software

This free image editing software offers advanced, flexible editing options for photos captured on OM Digital Solutions digital cameras. It comes with versatile editing and customisable features.

Versatile PEN Series Accessories

CS-54B Genuine Leather Body Jacket

The E-P7 genuine leather body jacket comes in black or white. The side catches make it easy to replace the battery and take selfies without removing the jacket. You can enjoy pairing it with other genuine leather accessories, such as the LC-60.5GL Genuine Leather Lens Jacket and the CSS-S109LLII Genuine Leather Shoulder Strap, for an elegant leather ensemble.

Learn more about CS-54B

CS-50SF Soft Case

This multi-purpose soft case can be used to store a camera with an interchangeable lens attached. When not being used, it can be folded into a compact size.

Learn more about CS-50SF

CS-43 Quilted Cushion Case

This is a convenient quilted case for protecting your camera or lenses whilst carried in a bag. The case is partitioned so up to two lenses can be stored without bumping. This case can be rolled up for storage when not in use.

Learn more about CS-43

LC-60.5GL Genuine Leather Lens Jacket

This is a lens jacket for use with the M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ. This accessory includes a strap to prevent loss.

Learn more about LC-60.5GL

CSS-S109LLII Genuine Leather Shoulder Strap

This strap can be adjusted for a variety of uses (approx. 125 to 150cm) from being used as a neck strap to being carried across the body.

Learn more about CSS-S109LLII

CSS-S114 Shoulder Strap

This shoulder strap uses textured fabric materials for a warm natural design. The strap can be customised by adding badges and other decorations.

Learn more about CSS-S114

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