Sophisticated Design

A camera that is a pleasure to hold and inspires the desire to shoot. The E-P7 is intended to be just such a camera, with a compact, lightweight body and an exquisite, refined design.

Sophisticated E-P7 Design

Pursuing a simple, sophisticated design, a feature of the PEN series.
Details such as the machined aluminum dials are carefully crafted to achieve an exquisite, refined design.

Versatile Lenses Selected for Style and Expression

There is a versatile lineup of M.Zuiko lenses with sophisticated designs and unique features available, including standard zoom lenses perfect for everyday use and single-focal-length lenses with superb defocusing effects. Choose the ideal lens for the images you want to capture and the style of your camera body.

Compact, Lightweight Body for Nimble Shooting

On its own, the body weighs 337g, and when combined with a standard zoom lens it weighs 430g[1], making for a compact,
lightweight body that is lighter than a 500ml bottled beverage.

  • [1]:CIPA compliant, including supplied rechargeable battery and memory card. When using M.Zuiko DIGITAL ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ

Comfortable Controls

The compact, lightweight, palm-sized body is equipped with two easy-to-use dials (front/rear). Enjoy absolute control of the aperture value, shutter speed, and ISO speed using the dials.

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