Olympus-original Versatile Shooting Features

Lots of Olympus interchangeable lens camera shooting features are packed into this model, such as Live Composite, Live Bulb and Live Time for easy long exposures. Pro Capture can also be used to record decisive moments.

Live Composite/Live Bulb/Live Time

Live Composite, Live Bulb and Live Time are included for making difficult long exposures easier. Live Bulb and Live Time provides support for long bulb shooting where you can check the exposure while shooting.

  • Live Composite: In this setting, only the brighter sections are added to the composite image to prevent the common problem of image that are too bright overall when shooting long exposures, result in beautiful Lighten Composite photos.
  • Live Bulb/Live Time: In this setting, the image display is updated at the set interval during exposure, allowing you to check the image unlike traditional bulb shooting. Live Bulb keeps the shutter open while the shutter release button is pressed. Live Time opens the shutter with the first press of the shutter release button, then closes it with the second press.

Pro Capture

This function captures split-second photo opportunities that time lag usually makes impossible. The camera begins recording 20M images once the shutter button is pressed halfway, and retains up to 14 frames of the most recent images when the shutter button is pressed fully.

  • When using Pro Capture, slower shutter speeds and the flash cannot be used.
  • Pro Capture Sequential L limits the aperture value from the widest setting to f/8.0.
1. Pressing the shutter halfway / 2. Press the shutter button fully
3. E-M5 Mark III Pro Capture (Shot using MF)
4. Moment you want to capture
5. Normal shooting on an incompatible camera

Focus Bracketing

In Focus Bracketing, the focal location is shifted slightly with each shutter activation for up to 999 shots. You can select from 10 levels of focus shift. Recorded photos are composited in Olympus Workspace (V1.1 and later) for photos that look like those found in nature guides.

Focus Stacking

In Focus Stacking, 8 photos are captured at different focal positions and automatically composited into a single photo. Capture a photo with a large depth of field that is in focus from the foreground to background. You can adjust the focal steps to best match the size of the subject.

  • Composited photos are cropped 7% on the top, bottom, and sides.

Tripod High Res Shot

With this function, the image sensor is shifted in 0.5 pixel increments while the camera records 8 sequential shots which are then composited. A 50M equivalent high-resolution photo is generated that captures every single detail.

* RAW is 80M equivalent
  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Screen captures in the monitor are composite images.