Amazingly Compact, Lightweight System

This model features a compact system that is a full size smaller than full-frame interchangeable lens cameras, while offering rich tonal expressions, high resolution, and superb high image quality. It features a dustproof, splashproof, and freezeproof to -10℃ design for shooting in the most difficult environments.

Compact, lightweight system for perfect portability

The entire system, including the M.ZUIKO lens, is compact and lightweight. The M.ZUIKO system is more compact than a full-frame mirrorless system, making it easier to carry around for long periods of time, such as outdoors, and allows you to enjoy shooting with ease.

Compact, high-performance lens lineup

The M.ZUIKO lens lineup offers a wide range of shooting options from wide-angle to super-telephoto, including combinations with the fixed f/4.0 PRO lens series and prime lenses ideal for snapshots. This is where the compact size, light weight, and high performance of both the lens and camera make the experience possible.

High-magnification zoom lenses with fixed f/4.0 aperture

Prime lens best for snapshots

Highly-acclaimed dustproof, splashproof and freezeproof to -10℃ design

Design knowhow from the pro E-M1X model was utilised to create dustproof, splashproof and -10℃ freezeproof performance to enable continued shooting in the most punishing environments, such as rain and low temperatures.

High image quality in the interchangeable lens camera class

The high-performance M.Zuiko lenses, the new compact 5-axis image stabilisation, the same image sensor as on the E-M1 Mark II pro model and image processor all combine to deliver natural gradations and high image quality with minimal noise even at high sensitivity settings. This reduces distortion up to the edges of the shot for high resolution across the entire screen.
  • Minimal noise
  • Natural gradations
  • A telecentric design was pursued using cutting-edge optical technologies. The design thoroughly suppresses all aberrations, resulting in distortion-free, high image quality not only at the centre, but also at the edges of the image.
    1. Image sensor / 2. light
  • Minimal distortion at the edges for clear text

Carrying on the traditional design of the OM system

The traditional design feature of the OM system is the "delta shape" of the viewfinder, which has been carried on in this model while fine tuning the shape and balance to result in a sophisticated design that is a pleasure to own.

1. The viewfinder ridge was widened for an enhanced sense of stability. The delta shape lends a sharp impression.
2. The synthetic leather and viewfinder height were optimally balanced for a cutting-edge feel.
1. The mode dial location was retooled for improved dial control.
2. The grip was enlarged for a more comfortable hold on the camera when paired with the thumb rest.
3. Thumb rest
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