System Expandability

A variety of software options are available to accommodate the different work flow styles of professional camera users. Additionally, the dust, splash and freeze proof design of the camera has been extended to a full line-up of accessories.

Olympus Workspace

This new image editing software supports a variety of photography work styles. In particular, emphasis has been placed on operation and functionality that meets the needs of professional camera users, such as greater freedom over screen layout, and advanced RAW processing and editing capabilities. In addition to the filters and controls that have migrated from Olympus Viewer 3, Olympus Workspace includes new Clarity and Dehaze editing filters.

Olympus Capture

This camera control software for PCs was developed due to popular demand by photographers. It enables wired and wireless transfer (via Wi-Fi) of recorded images, making it a powerful assistant in studio for the photography work process. It also supports 5 GHz band high-speed communication.

  • The camera and PC must be connected via USB and pairing needs to be set  ahead of time.

Olympus Image Share

Easily transfer data over Wi-Fi from the camera to a smartphone with this app. Configuring Wi-Fi connection settings is easy, simply scan the QR code within the app. If you select photos that you want to share ahead of time on the camera (Share Order), selections are automatically imported without having to use the app. The app also supports authentic remote shooting control from your smartphone.

Field Sensor System

1. GPS / 2. Barometer / 3. Compass / 4. Temperature Sensor

The E-M1X is equipped with a field sensor system which includes sensors for GPS, barometer, compass, and thermometer; which are convenient for wildlife and nature photography where location information is necessary for image management.

Optimal accessories for telephoto lens photography

MC-20 M.Zuiko Digital 2x Teleconverter

This high-performance teleconverter doubles the focal length. It features a 9-element, 4-group lens construction (1 HR lens) and utilises the high image quality and superb optical performance of a master lens. The lightweight, compact 150-gram body features splashproof, dustproof, and freezeproof performance.

MC-14 M.Zuiko Digital 1.4x Teleconverter

This dustproof, splashproof, and freezeproof high-performance teleconverter changes the master lens focal length to 1.4x.

EE-1 Dot Sight

This dot sight is perfect for sports photography and birdwatching with a telephoto lens. A red reticle (target mark) inside the dot sight can be aligned with the subject for high-speed, accurate sighting.


FL-900R Electronic Flash

This high-powered flash has a maximum guide number of 58. It is weather sealed with dust, splash, and freeze proof to -10℃ performance and is compatible with high-speed sequential shooting.

FL-700WR Electronic Flash

This compact, lightweight flash has a maximum guide number of 42. It supports wireless radio wave communication and can be used as a commander or receiver. This model is also weather sealed with dust, splash, and freeze proof performance to -10℃.

STF-8 Macro Flash

This is a compact, lightweight and weather sealed twin flash. A greater range of creativity is possible when used with an M.Zuiko Digital lens PRO series or macro lens.

Other separately available accessories

AC-5 AC Adapter

This AC adapter is for use in studio photography. The rated input voltage ranges from 100 to 240 V for use around the world.

RM-CB2 Release Cable

This release cable has an L-shaped pin jack (2.5 mm diameter) terminal. It is particularly useful for shooting long exposures when using a tripod.

Bundled with a cable protector and cable clip

This model comes with a cable protector that protects connectors when a USB or HDMI cable are connected and a general-purpose clip to keep the USB cable and HDMI cable from being disconnected from the camera body.

  • Cable protector
  • Cable clip

CBG-12 Camera Bag

Backpack designed with the utmost care and specifications for pro photographers.
The emblem in the centre is a genuine Micro Four Thirds mount.

CBG-10 System Camera Bag

This system camera bag efficiently stores the camera body, lenses, and external flash.

CSS-P113 Shoulder Strap

This wide (approx. 38 mm) shoulder strap can be hand washed (40℃ or less). It also features a soft microfiber backing.

CSS-P118 Shoulder Strap

This 30 mm wide shoulder strap can be hand washed (40℃ or less). The front is cloth and the back features a soft-textured material.

  • Photos are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Screen captures on the monitor are composite images.