Reliability and Ergonomics

The E-M1X was designed for performance and functionality to meet the needs of busy photographers, with a focus on creating a stable grip when held horizontally or vertically, and controls that allow the photographer to concentrate while shooting with the viewfinder.

Integrated vertical grip

The integrated vertical grip delivers the same grip and controls whether the camera is held vertically or horizontally. Designed with deep finger rests in both the vertical and horizontal positions to provide a stable grip for photographers to shoot for long periods of time.

  • Horizontal grip
  • Vertical grip

Unrivaled portability

The unrivaled portability of the Micro Four Thirds System truly shines when carrying the camera with a telephoto lens attached. The system design enables handheld super-telephoto photography and holding the camera for a long period of time.

  • Size comparison when paired with a 600mm (35mm equivalent) maximum F4 lens
    1. Company A: Full-frame SLR camera: approx. 5,500 g
    2. OM-D E-M1X: approx. 2,300 g

Optimal controls for viewfinder shooting

Ergonomic layout: one function for each button

An ergonomic layout with a single function for each button lets photographers operate controls while concentrating on shooting through the viewfinder. The height and shape of each individual button is varied to prevent misoperation.

  • Multi point horizontal and vertical selector included on the rear panel
  • The height and shape of each and every button is varied to optimize operation
  • Embedded control dial
  • Graphical User Interface(GUI) to easily assign button and dial functions

Customisable C-LOCK

The E-M1X includes a customizable lock which can be activated to lock the operation of buttons and levers. This is in addition to the standard LOCK for operating the camera in vertical position.

  • If the power lever is assigned to the Fn lever, the Fn lever cannot be disabled.
  • LOCK lever
  • C-LOCK setting screen

High magnification and speed viewfinder

A new viewfinder featuring advanced optical design with a four-element configuration of aspherical lenses and lenses with a high refractive index creates an industry leading viewfinder. The E-M1X viewfinder has a high 0.83x magnification (35mm equivalent) with a clear edge to edge display of the image with no distortion. Functioning at a maximum frame rate of 120fps the high-speed progressive scan electronic viewfinder minimises display time lag down to 0.005 seconds for smooth display of fast-moving subjects. The two high-performance TruePic VIII image processors replicate dark tones smoother on the display. The viewfinder layout can be customized to suit your preference and when a magnification of 0.74x (35mm equivalent) has been selected it is optimised so that shooting information does not overlap with the subject; ensuring your focus remains on shooting moving subjects.

Enhanced dust, splash and freeze-proof construction

Weather sealing of the E-M1X exceeds the conventional weatherproof standard of IPX1 to provide peace of mind and reliability in punishing environments. This construction allows you to shoot without being affected by weather and without a rain cover. The dust, splash and freeze-proof sealing is maintained even when cables are connected to the remote cable, microphone, and headphone terminals. The rubber sealing used on Olympus Tough cameras is used to seal each of the camera covers including the SD card slot.

  • The guaranteed operating environment (according to Olympus testing methods) is IPX1.
  • RM-CB2 Remote Cable does not have a splash & dust proof construction.

Dust Reduction System

OM Digital Solutions corp. pioneered the Dust Reduction System and has a long track record of reliability. The Supersonic Wave Filter(SSWF) vibrates at a speed of more than 30,000 times per second to instantly remove dirt and dust. The E-M1X has a new coating on the sensor to reduce the possibility of dust in photos to a 10th of previous models, allowing for lenses to be swapped even in duty environments.

Heat dissipation construction

1. Heat pipe

The heat dissipation construction of the E-M1X is achieved via the use of a heat pipe to dissipate heat generated whilst shooting. In particular this feature limits issues caused by rising temperatures from continuous shooting or shooting videos in hot weather.

High-capacity battery

The E-M1X can accommodate two BLH-1 lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, the same as those used in the OM-D E-M1 Mark II. The batteries can easily be replaced even when the camera is attached to a monopod or tripod. Additionally the E-M1X is also compatible with the USB PD standard[1][2] for a maximum power supply of 100 W. Two batteries can be charged in as little as two hours.

  • 1 Recommended accessories
    Anker PowerPort Speed 1 PD30 (USB quick charger)
    (Please use the Anker USB PowerLine II USB-C & USB -C 3.1(Gen2) cable.
    Anker PowerCore +26800 PD (portable charger)
    (Please use the bundled cable.)
  • 2 9V 3A, 15V 2A, or 15V 3A output power supply is required. Charging is only available while the camera is turned off. This feature cannot be used at battery levels of 10% or less.
  • Anker, PowerCore, and PowerPort are trademarks or registered trademarks of Anker Japan Co., Ltd.or its affiliates.

Highly durable shutter unit

The highly durable shutter unit is rated for 400,000 operations[*].

  • According to Olympus testing conditions

New user interface

A new user interface has been designed based upon feedback from photographers and includes a new feature, My Menu. This new feature allows photographers to create their own dedicated menu for direct access to 35 items in 5 tabs with 7 items in each tab. The new user interface also allows quick multiple image selection by turning the dial whilst pressing the movie button for erasing or Share Order.

  • My Menu
  • Quick image selection
  • Photos are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Screen captures on the monitor are composite images.