Expandability for a greater range of photo enjoyment

The ability to import recorded photos to a smartphone for sharing, and to edit and manipulate them on a computer in exactly the way you imagine makes the post-shooting process of Olympus interchangeable lens cameras even more enjoyable. A variety of unique accessories are available, making it more fun to take your camera with you.

The OI.Share smartphone app is now easier to use

The Olympus Image Share (OI.Share) smartphone app has been improved for smoother connection settings and image import.
You can instantly import recorded images to your smartphone for easy sharing on social media. The OM-D E-M10 Mark IV supports an always-on connection via Bluetooth and background communication so you can view and import images even when the camera is in your bag. It uses the same built-in antenna as the OM-D high-end models for a more stable connection than on conventional models.

1. Transfer photos to a smartphone, Live View remote shooting, etc.
2. Turn the camera on with background communication, and wireless release shooting.

Two types of remote shooting

The new OI.Share offers two types of remote control shooting. You can use Live View Remote Control which lets you shoot while viewing live view images on a smartphone, and Remote Shutter which lets you operate the shutter via smartphone. You can instantly activate Remote Shutter by setting the always-on Bluetooth connection.

  • Live View Remote Control
  • Remote Shutter

Camera How To offers shooting techniques with easy to understand explanations

OI.Share contains the Camera How To photo guide, which features easy to understand explanations on camera operations and photo techniques.

USB battery charging

The battery can be charged in the camera via USB. Use a power bank, etc. to keep your battery charged when not in use and while on the go.

Wireless radiowave external flash compatible

The OM-D E-M10 Mark IV is compatible with the optional FC-WR Wireless Radiowave Commander and FL-700WR External Flash. Simply set the flash unit in a location away from the shooting spot and control the output remotely via the camera while shooting.

Olympus Workspace image editing software

This free image editing software is optimized for Olympus digital cameras. It can be used to edit and manipulate recorded photos, and adjust the brightness and colour exactly as you want using a computer.

Unique lineup of vibrant accessories

CS-50SF Soft Case

This all-purpose soft case can be used to store the camera with an interchangeable lens attached. It can be folded into a compact size for superb portability when the camera is removed.

CS-43 Quilted Cushion Case

This is a convenient quilted case for protecting camera or lenses. It can be rolled up for storage when not in use. It neatly fits the OM-D E-M10 Mark IV double zoom kit.

  • The photo shows the camera stored in the case.

CSS-S119L Water-repellent Genuine Leather Strap

This strap is made of water-repellent genuine leather. The wide 30 mm design lessens the load when carried across one's shoulder. The leather base of the strap features an attachment loop for holding a lens cap case or other small items.

  • The photo shows the strap attached to the camera.

CSS-S109LLII Genuine Leather Shoulder Strap

This genuine leather shoulder strap is adjustable between 125 to 150 cm. It can be used as a neck strap or hung from your shoulder at an angle.

CSS-S110LS Genuine Leather Hand Strap

This is a leather hand strap for holding the camera on your wrist. Attaching this helps prevent the camera from being dropped during shooting.

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