Perfect for selfies

This camera is equipped with a flip-down monitor and dedicated selfie mode on a compact, lightweight body to reduce hand and arm fatigue. This design makes it easy and fun to take selfies with a single hand.

Smoothly opening monitor for selfies

The flip-down monitor is equipped on the camera that opens smoothly to make the screen easier to see when shooting selfies. The grip is designed to be easy to hold even with the left hand, and the rear button layout has been adjusted to prevent mistaken operations, all to make selfies easier to shoot than ever before.

Self Portrait mode with touch shooting

1. Playback
2. Touch Shutter
3. Movie
4. e-Portrait
5. Self-timer

When the monitor is flipped down, the camera automatically switches to Self Portrait mode. In Self Portrait mode, simply touch the camera icon on the monitor to easily capture photos and videos. The shutter is activated approximately one second after touching the camera icon, ensuring enough time to strike a pose after activating the Touch Shutter.

  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Screen captures on the monitor are composite images.