AF lock

You can lock the AF position while focusing on a subject. This is convenient for adjusting the composition exactly as you like.

  • Available in Live Composite, Super Macro, Underwater Snapshot, Underwater Wide 1, Underwater Macro, and Sportcam mode.

AC adapter for high-speed charging

The camera comes with the F-5AC AC Adapter for high-speed charging. It is possible to shoot while the camera is being charged.

  • Waterproof performance is not guaranteed when charging.

Colour variation

Three colour variations are available.

Cases for various shooting scenes

CSCH-124 Dedicated Silicone Jacket

This dedicated silicone jacket enhances grip and durability when shooting in challenging outdoor environments. Even with the jacket on, you can use the face button on the front of the camera, the tripod sockets on the bottom and side, and also the flip-up monitor.

  • One of the properties of silicone is its non-slip texture. For this reason, the camera cannot be used with another camera case while the silicone jacket is attached.
  • Silicone jacket is sold separately.

CSCH-121 Mesh Camera Case

The CSCH-121 is a Tough series case featuring superb functionality and design. The mesh design creates air holes for quick water drainage, breathability, quick-drying performance, and rust proofing. This case is useful for shooting during activities such as trekking, diving, fishing, skiing, and snowboarding.

  • Camera case is sold separately.

CSCH-123 Sport Holder

The separately available Sport Holder secures your camera to a belt or backpack, and allows Sport mode shooting without having to remove the camera from the holder. This makes shooting in Sport mode and other difficult situations easier with the camera attached to the holder. When needed, the camera can be easily taken out with a single hand, and because it comes with a spiral cord, there is no need to worry about the camera falling.

  • The Sport holder is sold separately.

PT-057 Underwater Case

The PT-057 is an underwater case that can withstand pressure to a water depth of 45m. Authentic flash photography is easy with the underwater strobe UFL-3 and Olympus RC flash system.

  • When the underwater case is attached, the camera's GPS will not function properly.
  • Underwater case is sold separately.

Additional Tripod Receptacle

In addition to the conventional tripod receptacle on the bottom of the camera, the TG-870 is equipped with an additional tripod receptacle on the side of the camera for taking vertical shots.

  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Screen captures are composite images.