An Expanded Wealth of Expression

The TG-870 is a cut above its predecessor, TG-860, in creative expression. In addition to Art Filters, a variety of new features have been added including Live Composite and an improved Time Lapse Movie which is now compatible with nightscapes.

13 Art Filters that expand the possibilities of photographic expressions

This model is equipped with Art Filters for expanding your artistic expressions. Compared with the previous model (TG-860), 6 new Art Filters have been added, including Light Tone, Cross Process, Gentle Sepia, Vintage, Key Line, and Water Colour. These options take shooting to a new level of enjoyment.

  • ART FILTER is a trademark and/or registered trademark of the Olympus Corporation.

Live Composite for capturing light trails

Live Composite is perfect for creatively photographing light trails. It can be used to photograph a star-filled sky against a landscape or light art created with a pen light against a night sky. Live Composite only records the points in which the brightness has changed, creating an image with just the right brightness. It also lets you view the progress of a photo to make sure it is working out as you planned. You can start and stop recording using the OI.Share smartphone app remote control function.

  • Star scenery
  • Light art

Tonal expression matching the night scene

You can record movies with tones that are optimised (just the right contrast) for night scenes.

  • When Scene (SCN) modes Night Scene, Night+Portrait, Fireworks, Hand-Held Starlight, or Live Composite are selected or when the movie button is pressed.

Time Lapse movie for night scenes

The shutter speed is automatically set to the maximum value of 4 seconds for shooting time lapse movies of night scenes.

  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Screen captures are composite images.