Superb controls and system expandability

Photography in the most punishing environments require excellent controls and system expandability. The TG-5 camera design has been improved with this in mind, for easier use and more versatile shooting.

Easy controls even when wearing gloves

The controls on the TG-5 were designed to be easy to use even for those wearing gloves. The zoom lever is designed so it can be operated even while wearing gloves, the grip has been improved, and the Control Dial is included for changing camera settings. The front of the camera is equipped with an accessory lock button so you don't need to worry about carrying the camera with various accessories attached such as a converter lens and macro shooting accessories.

  • 1. Control dial, 2. Zoom lever, 3. The new grip shape provides a sure hold on the camera

Olympus Image Share (OI.Share) for remote shooting with a smartphone

You can use the Olympus Image Share (OI.Share) smartphone app to transfer images on the camera to a smartphone, and shoot remotely while viewing images on the smartphone. Manual focusing is available during remote shooting.

System expandability for a wider realm of shooting

The TG-5 offers superb system expansion capabilities. Make use of converter lenses and macro shooting accessories, camera cases, and other accessories that support creative photography for expanded shooting capabilities.

Converter lens

Two optional converter lenses (telephoto/fisheye) are available. These can be used without lowering the aperture value of the lens to enable capture of moving or dimly lit subjects.

TCON-T01 Teleconverter

This converter lens converts the focal length to 1.7x. Far-away landscapes can be captured at a larger size. The interior of this waterproof leans is filled with nitrogen gas, preventing internal fogging due to temperature differences.

  • The separately sold CLA-T01 Conversion Lens Adapter is required to attach this lens.

FCON-T01 Fisheye Converter

This fisheye converter lens provides 130-degree fisheye shooting capabilities for shooting wider landscape photos. Because the converter is waterproof, it truly manifests its power in underwater photography where the angle of view becomes narrow. The interior of the lens is filled with nitrogen gas, preventing internal fogging due to temperature differences.

  • The separately sold CLA-T01 Conversion Lens Adapter is required to attach this lens.

PRF-D40.5 PRO Protection Filter

Thin, lightweight protection filter with multi-coating on both sides. It protects the lens surface from dirt and scratch while carrying the camera or shooting.

  • The separately sold CLA-T01 Conversion Lens Adapter is required to attach this lens.

CLA-T01 Conversion Lens Adapter

This is an adapter for attaching the TCON-T01 Teleconverter, FCON-T01 Fisheye Converter, and PRF-D40.5 PRO Protection Filter. The included lens cap can be attached to keep the lens clean while carrying the camera.

Macro shooting accessories

There are two macro shooting accessories available for the TG-5.

LG-1 LED Light Guide

This is an accessory that evens out the illumination of the camera's built-in LED light. It can be used to illuminate the subject during macro photography. It is designed to be used at ultra close shooting distances up to 1 cm from the camera.

  • Cannot be used underwater.

FD-1 Flash Diffuser

This accessory uses the camera's built in flash to light scenes. It is perfect for lighting macro shots in dark locations and for shooting moving subjects such as insects. Because it is equipped with a light output switching lever, you can adjust the lighting output in approximately 1.4 steps to match shooting conditions.

Camera Cases

Following highly function camera cases are available for this model.

CSCH-123 Sport Holder

The Sport Holder secures your camera to a belt or backpack. With it you can quickly shoot sports scenes. The included carabiner and spiral safety cord make sure you never have to worry about losing the camera.

CSCH-121 Mesh Camera Case

This is a mesh camera case designed with air holes for use with the Tough series. It features excellent water drainage, ventilation, and dries quickly so you never have to worry about rust. It is the perfect case for active scenes such as marine sports, diving, fishing, trekking, skiing, and snowboarding.

CSCH-126 Silicone Jacket

This silicone jacket designed specifically for the TG-5 protects the surface of the camera from scratches. It also improves grip for a secure hold on the camera even in slippery situations. The LG-1 LED Light Guide and FD-1 Flash Diffuser can be used even when the silicone jacket is attached.

  • The camera cannot be stored in a camera case with the silicone jacket on.

PT-058 Underwater Case

This is an underwater case that can withstand pressure to a water depth of 45 m. Even when stored in the case, the camera control dial can be used for exposure compensation. The lineup of exclusive accessories enables dual unit flash photography with external flash UFL-3 for a greater range of underwater shooting scenes.

  • The Field Sensor System will not operate properly when the camera is installed in the underwater case. Make sure to set the log lever to the off position when using the case.
  • Use together with silica gel for best results.
  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.