Versatile shooting modes for creative expression

The TG-5 is packed with a variety of shooting modes such as Underwater Mode optimised for underwater photography, and Pro Capture for capturing split-second movement. With these features, more creative expression can be achieved easily.

Underwater modes for high image quality underwater

The TG-5 features construction that is waterproof up to depths of 15 m, and underwater modes for high image quality underwater photography. Simply set the mode dial to Underwater to activate the optimal Scene Mode for shooting underwater.

Image quality improvements via the new image processor

Record underwater images in vivid, impressive colours. With the TruePic VIII image processor, unnatural colour noise that tends to occur in dark underwater locations is reduced.

4 underwater modes

Select from four underwater modes including Underwater Wide, Underwater Macro, Underwater HDR, and Underwater Snapshot.

  • Underwater Wide
    Various settings such as the flash, auto-focus, white balance, and others are optimised for enhanced shots in dark underwater conditions.
  • Underwater Macro
    This mode is optimised for close-up shooting of small subjects such as shrimp, crabs, sea slugs, and gobies. Zoom in close on subjects via telephoto and use the flash for sharp and clear images.
  • Underwater HDR
    Multiple images are recorded at different exposures and composited to dramatically reproduce bright underwater sections and dark underwater sections.
  • Underwater Snapshot
    The camera uses natural light when shooting in pools and other shallow water, for natural colours of underwater subjects and snapshots.

Underwater Case

PT-058 Underwater Case

This is an underwater case designed specifically for the TG-5 that can withstand pressure to a water depth of 45 m. Select Underwater mode for a fun, easy way to capture still images and movies while diving.

  • The Field Sensor System will not operate properly when the camera is installed in the underwater case. Make sure to set the log lever to the off position when using the case.
  • Use together with silica gel for best results.

Pro Capture for capturing previously impossible shots

Pro Capture is a sequential shooting mode that captures images at 10 fps from approx. 0.5 seconds before the shutter release is activated. With this mode you can capture scenes that were previously impossible due to camera time lag, such as the moment a whale spouts water.

Shooting modes for a greater range of expressing light and shadow

Compositing technology overlaps multiple images to easily create impressive photographic expressions.

Live Composite shooting

Live Composite brightens the shot while you watch the shooting process, extracting the bright sections only to form a single image. This function is convenient for shooting star trails, etc.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) shooting

Highlight blowouts and loss of shadow detail are reduced to preserve a wide dynamic range. This mode is perfect for shooting scenes with significant differences in contrast such as sunsets.

Scene Mode optimises settings to the subject

Scene Mode is available for optimizing settings to perfectly match the subject and scene.

Subject Scene Mode
Portraits Portrait, e-Portrait, Landscape+Portrait, Kids
Night scene Night, Night +Portrait, Hand-held Starlight, Fireworks, Live Composite
Moving subjects Sport, Kids
Landscapes Landscape, Sunset, Beach & Snow, Panorama, Backlight HDR
Indoors Candle, Portrait, e-Portrait, Kids, Backlight HDR

Art Filter delivers artistic finishes to photos

This model is equipped with the Olympus-original Art Filter. Fourteen Art Filter options makes shooting photos more fun.

  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Screen captures in the monitor are composite images.