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The RC II series of binoculars is extremely compact and lightweight featuring a sophisticated design. These binoculars place an emphasis on portability and can be folded for easy carrying. A range of colour variations will suit your personal preference.

Portable and ideal for travel

Portable and ideal for travel

The foldable design makes these binoculars compact and easy to carry, making them great for taking on hikes or when travelling overseas.

Lightweight body for long periods of tireless viewing

At 190g these binoculars can be used at concerts and other performances for long periods of time without inducing fatigue.

Easy viewing even in the dark locations

Compact body with ease of view, these binoculars are perfect for use in dimly lit locations such as art galleries and museums.

Easy to use even for the novice user

The variable eye interval, focus, and diopter, allow even first time users to fully enjoy bird watching or sports spectating.

Retract the eyecup when viewing with eyeglasses and pull it out when viewing with the naked eye.

Diopter adjustment control allows independent control of the right and left sight for those who have different eyesight in each eye.

Basic Information

Product name Trip light 10 x 21 RC II / Trip light 8 x 21 RC II
Box contents Soft case, strap, eyepiece lens cap
Colour variation 10 x 21 RC II (dark silver) / 8 x 21 RC II (pearl white, champagne gold, magenta)
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