Convenient Bluetooth connection

The Bluetooth function expands the range of applications to music, video production, and business scenes.

Remote control from smartphones

You can also remotely operate the recorder, including recording and playback controls using the DVR.Remote (iOS/Android) smartphone app. Place the LS-P5 in the optimal place for the sound source and control it from your smartphone. With this feature, you don't have to bother going over to the LS-P5 to start and stop recording. It is convenient in many different situations from recording musical performances to business meetings, press conferences and wild birds.You can start and stop recording on the LS-P5 and remotely adjust the recording level during recording. You can also remotely play back recorded audio, leaving the LS-P5 as a microphone in a certain location and check playback using a speaker connected wirelessly. Communication distance between DVR.Remote app and device. Communication Distance:Line of sight approx.10 m*(max.)

  • Smartphone and LS-P5 connection settings must be configured. After connecting the first time, your phone will automatically detect and connect to the LS-P5 when you launch DVR.Remote. If you want to connect to another LS-P5, you can pair with another recorder. (Only one LS-P5 can be connected at the same time.)
  • The communication distance is guideline values.The communication distance may vary depending on ambient conditions.

Remote control via Bluetooth DVR.Remote

In addition to recording and playback, the main LS-P5 operations can be controlled remotely via the smartphone app, including recording settings, waveform display during recording and changing folder and file names.

  • Supported OS : iOS 12.0-15.4 / Android 8.0-12.0 Supported models : LS-P5

app download

  • App Store
  • Google Play

Recording status monitoring

While recording, you can view recording level monitoring, elapsed recording time, remaining memory (available recording time) and the set recording level in a list. The LS-P5 battery level is also displayed. You can also monitor recording via Bluetooth earphones when connected with DVR.Remote.

Remotely configure recording settings

Various settings on the LS-P5, such as the recording level, can be configured on a smartphone.

  • Easily adjust the microphone directionality with a slider.
  • Automatic level settings with SMART mode, Pre-recording with Fn recording, voice sync recording, etc.

Convenient function for playback

You can add an index, marking important parts or other sections that you want to review.

Edit folder and file names

You can use DVR.Remote to set whatever folder or file name you like. Frequently used names are available so you can simply select the best name for your folder. You can also register names that are not found in presets.

Wireless earphone and speaker connection

With Bluetooth earphones, you can wirelessly check audio (REC monitor) during recording and listen to recorded audio or imported audio files.

  • REC monitor is not supported via Bluetooth for 24-bit audio recording.
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