The LS-P1 features a built-in USB connector, for convenient transfer of data and charging while on the go. The recorder also has various other convenient functions packed into a high quality, compact metal body.

Direct PC connection without a cable

The built-in USB connector can be easily deployed and stored using the slide lever. With this feature, you can connect directly to a computer without using a cable or software. Not only can you save and share your recordings, the LS-P1 can also be recharged via USB without having to remove the battery, and the recorder can also be used as a USB memory device.

High quality, compact metal body

With a robust design, that exudes a strong, classy style, and a compact size that easily fits in your pocket, the LS-P1 is suitable for a wide range of situations, from outdoor activities to concerts, ensuring that you will never miss a sound.

Partial erase function to delete unwanted sections of audio

The Partial Erase function is useful for continuously recording several songs, and allows you to select and cut out the unwanted space between songs.

Tripod adapter lets you attach a tripod

To keep the recorder small, a small diameter tripod socket is included on the body. To use a tripod with the recorder, simply attach the included tripod adapter to this socket.

Select from six recording scenes

The LS-P1 comes with recording scenes that provide preset settings optimised for different recording environments. When the "Music" scene is selected, audio is recorded across a wider bandwidth. By selecting the "Conference" mode, the Intelligent Auto Mode is enabled so that conferences can be recorded at the optimum recording level. If "Lecture" mode is selected, the zoom mic function is used so that the voice of lecturers can be captured reliably. Further scenes include "Meeting", "Dictation", and "DNS" mode which is ideal for voice recognition. Using recording scenes will aid you in obtaining failure-free, high quality recording.

File searching is easy with the Calendar function

Search Screen

Audio files stored on the recorder are automatically organised by date. Because files are displayed in a calendar format, you can quickly find the file you are looking for by the recording date.

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