KA335 Audio Cable

The Audio Cable KA335 is built with L shape 3.5mm plug and curl-type cable which is best for connecting to the digital camera.

SM2 Shockmount Adapter

The Shock Mount SM2 is an equipment to support attaching LS-P5 onto camera hot shoe. It eliminates the operational noise from camera and vibration noise, video shooting with higher quality audio is possible.

Compatible Models

LS-P5 / LS-P4 / LS-P1

CL4 Stand clip

The CL-4 Stand Clip can be attached to your pocket or notebook, or can be used as a stand to face the recorder towards the audio source, to reduce noise when the recorder is placed directly on a tabletop.

Compatible Models

LS-P1 / DM-720

RS30W Remote Control

Compatible Models

LS-100 / LS-12 / LS-14 / LS-20M / LS-3 / LS-11 / LS-10 / DM-7 / DM-901 / DM-650 / DM-550 / DM-450

The recording and stop operations of a recorder can be performed with a remote control.

  • This product cannot be used together with a Windshield (WJ2/WJ1)

KA333 Connecting Cord

This cord allows you to connect an earphone jack and microphone jack.  With stereo → mono adapter plug

CS150 Carrying Case

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    • Case CS150
    • Case CS150

CS147 Carrying Case

    • image
    • /content/000022777.jpg
    • Case CS147
    • Case CS147

CS145 Silicon Case

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    • Silicon Case CS145
    • Silicon Case CS145

CS135 Case

This case has room for your recorder and all of its accessories including a remote control and Windshield.

CS131 Carrying Case

Compatible Models
VN-732PC / VN-731PC / VN-7200 / VN-7100 / VN-8600PC / VN-8500PC

CS126 Multipurpose Case

Compatible Models
DM Series / V Series / VN Series

This multipurpose case serves as a stand for your digital recorder and has a tripod hole and belt clip.

CB-HD1 High-speed HDMI cable

High-speed HDMI cable This cable provides an HDMI connection between LS-20M and HDTV.

KP19 USB Extension Cable

E38 Canal Type Stereo Microphone

Especially designed to fit snugly inside your ears, these superior-quality and lightweight headphones make sure you only hear what you really need to. Blocking out any unwanted background noise and delivering acoustic clarity with a wide frequency range, the result being hours of comfortable listening of the finest audio quality.

E20 Monaural Earphones

Small ultra-lightweight monaural earphones for undisturbed reviewing of recordings. With a sensitivity 94 dB and frequency response from 300 to 5,000 Hz.

  • Some accessories are included with the audio recorder while others are sold separately. For details, see the corresponding audio pages.